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Thursday, June 10, 2021, 10:00 am PT

This webinar will explore tools and best practices to give design teams a competitive advantage by helping clients achieve outcome-based energy goals for new construction and major renovation projects. EPA will provide an overview of using ENERGY STAR tools during design and comparing modeled results to operational performance; Moseley Architects will share best practices on setting energy targets and evaluating strategies for high performance design; and Slipstream will demonstrate a cutting-edge iterative energy modeling tool that allows users to get quick results for evaluating design strategies.

Learn how to:

  • Select the right energy target
  • Communicate with clients about outcome-based energy goals
  • Use energy modeling early and often to make decisions during design
  • Leverage the appropriate tools to achieve desired outcomes


  • Saranya Gunasingh, Senior Researcher, Slipstream
  • John Nichols, Director of Energy Analytics and Informed Design, Moseley Architects
  • Karen P. Butler, Commercial Building Design Lead, EPA ENERGY STAR
  • Theo Keeley-LeClaire, Energy and Sustainability Engineering Analyst, ICF

Part one of this webinar series featured Slipstream’s Lee Shaver, along with members of Mayo Clinic’s facilities team, and examined case studies of this approach from the owner perspective. That webinar can be accessed on-demand.

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