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2015 Course Schedule

Following is a tentative list of course locations and start dates. Registration is not yet open for all locations. Dates and locations are subject to change. Please sign up for notification, ensuring you list your preferred course location, and we will notify you as soon as regstration is open.

BOC Level I Certification

74 hours of training and project work in building systems maintenance. All classes are held from 8am to 3pm unless otherwise noted. View course descriptions. Registering is easy, learn how below.

2015 Level I Courses

CITY Start date Location
Providence, RI * Registration open! 4/22/15 National Grid Office
Watertown, MA* April 2015 TBA
Worcester, MA* Fall 2015 TBA
Other Northeast Locations
*Registration not yet open. Sign up to be notified
when more details are available and registration opens.


Providence, RI  Apr 22 – Jul, 2015
Location: National Grid Office
Weds/Thurs, Apr 22 & 23, 2015
BOC 1001 – Energy Efficient Operation of Building HVAC Systems BOC 1001 – Energy Efficient Operation of Building HVAC Systems

Provides an overview of the Building Operator Certification program and fundamentals of building systems. Focuses on operation and maintenance of envelope, central heating, cooling, air and ventilating systems in buildings. Emphasis is placed on group problem-solving and exercises with respect to preventive maintenance. Two day class.

Tues, May 19, 2015
BOC 1002 – Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance BOC 1002 – Measuring and Benchmarking Energy Performance

Operators learn how energy is used in commercial buildings and how to identify and prioritize conservation opportunities. Includes basic principles of energy accounting, evaluation of fuel options, operation and maintenance strategies to improve efficiency, and energy management planning techniques. Participants will learn how to perform quantifiable evaluations of their facilities' energy use in order to be able to target prospects for energy conservation.

Weds, May 20, 2015
BOC 1003 – Efficient Lighting Fundamentals BOC 1003 – Efficient Lighting Fundamentals

Covers lighting fundamentals and types of lighting for economical and energy efficient lighting systems. Participants learn principles of efficient lighting including evaluation of lighting levels, quality and maintenance. Other topics include lighting fixture and control technologies, common upgrades, retrofit and redesign options, and management strategies as they apply to space use and function.

Tues, Jun 23, 2015
BOC 1004 – HVAC Controls FundamentalsBOC 1004 – HVAC Controls Fundamentals

Provides an introduction to automatic control systems and equipment, particularly for central air systems. Participants will learn to target possible inefficiencies in their HVAC systems and to evaluate potential problems as part of an enhanced operation and maintenance program.

Weds, Jun 24, 2015
BOC 1006 – Common Opportunities for Low-Cost Operational Improvement BOC 1006 – Common Opportunities for Low-Cost Operational Improvement

This class introduces common opportunities that offer the greatest energy savings potential. This module examines typical areas and problems associated with different system types and equipment as well as tools and techniques for identifying opportunities.

Tues, Jul 21, 2015
BOC 1005 – Indoor Environmental QualityBOC 1005 – Indoor Environmental Quality

Introduces the basic causes of indoor environmental quality problems and begins to develop a method of diagnosis and solution. Students will gain an understanding of the dynamic components of indoor environmental quality in relation to source control, occupant sensitivity and ventilation. Emphasis will be placed on communications with building occupants for reliable investigations without aggravating existing issues.

Weds, Jul 22, 2015
BOC 1008 – Operations & Maintenance Practices for Sustainable Buildings BOC 1008 – Operations & Maintenance Practices for Sustainable Buildings

Provides an overview of best O&M practices for green or high performance buildings and addresses exterior site issues, water efficiency, cleaning products, material and supply purchasing, energy, and indoor environmental quality. Participants will learn to identify and apply O&M practices for improving the performance of both existing buildings and newly-designed green buildings.

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Other Locations

New Hampshire  
BOC training in New Hampshire is provided by the Lake Regions Community College. For inquiries and questions contact Andy Duncan,, or 603-524-3207 ext 6629.

New York, NY  
BOC training in New York City is provided by the City University of New York (CUNY) Building Performance Lab. For inquiries and questions, please visit: CUNY Building Performance Lab website or contact Nora Sherman,, or 646-660-6978.


BOC Level II Certification

61 hours of training and elective coursework in equipment troubleshooting and maintenance. All classes are held from 8am to 3pm unless otherwise noted. View course descriptions.

2015 Level II Courses

CITY Start date Location
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How to Register

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